Connect Dots

Create a map that connects the dots of your research so you can see what’s really going on

Display Map

Use map to dynamically display content and traverse links between content in your videos

Engage Fans

Fans can review, comment, share, and add to your map, during and after your show

Get Smart

Toggle ON the map. Follow "smart links" that link content elements on the page to content elements on other pages

Get Smarter

Escape the revolving door between content and search. Links are validated by the crowd. The best ones rise to the top but the entire set of validated links can be filtered.

See It Yourself

Get Clear

See the entire map of the connections between content elements. Find supplementary information without searching. Get clear on what's really going on.

Get Clearer

Give your mind a break and use a map. You don't have to hold it all in your head or make notes on Slack. When you see the connections, everything will get clearer.

See It Yourself

Get Paid

Get paid for making links. Get paid for curating links. Get paid for annotations. Get paid for upvoting, sharing, and commenting.

Get Well Paid

The next Gold Rush will be for links. Work smart not hard. making links is easy, much easier than making content but it can create tremendous value for the world.

See It Yourself


We used this example because even relatively simple happenings like this have a much deeper complexity than we are privy to. For example, it is not clear that Trump actually said this. The only person who heard it is a Democrat, who allegedly has a history of making things like this up.


Notice the pink overlays. Each of these are “activated” content elements. The numbers in the upper right hand corner are the number of links connected to the content element. Mousing over displays a popup with the first level of detail for the links associated with the content element.


Be among the first on the Citizen Journalism platform that pays you for creating links between content elements on pages that contain your research based on the value your links create in the network.

Over time, as more and more people come to see that your research and conclusions are on point, you earn more crypto.

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